Token System

Started as a research project, Pantos' goal is to establish the first true multi-blockchain token system

Pantos’ cutting-edge technology allows existing and upcoming tokens to be deployed on multiple blockchain networks, giving users the freedom to choose the most suitable blockchain network for their digital assets.

Cutting-edge technology

Researchers at Pantos are developing technology that will enable digital assets of any kind to be transferred freely between different blockchain protocols in a completely decentralised and trustless manner.

Our technology

Expert team

As a science-driven project, we have some of the brightest minds in the field of blockchain research onboard helping us to shape the future of interoperability. We work, among others, together with the TU Wien and TU Hamburg.

Our team

Open Source

Regular updates on the development progress of Pantos. Our code is open source and available on Github. Check it out and contribute!

Our Github

Community driven

Pantos wants to give back value to the crypto community and promote cooperation instead of competition between the different networks and projects.

The Community


Latest update

Unveiling the Multichain Token Creator: Dawn of Multichain Tokens

We stand at the precipice of a new era, excited to reveal our latest innovation that promises to redefine the blockchain development landscape: The Multichain Token Creator.

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April 2023

PANDAS Part 2: Registering and Deploying Your Multichain Token

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of creating and registering a multichain token based on the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS).

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April 2023

PANDAS Part 1: Revolutionizing Digital Assets with Pantos’ Multichain Standard

The Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS) is an innovative solution designed to address the limitations of the widely-used ERC20 token standard, particularly its lack of multichain compatibility.

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April 2023

From Hype to Reality: Testnet-Testnet Pools Offer True Public Good for Developers

In this update, we introduce testnet-testnet pools to offer developers an easy way to swap between testnet gas tokens

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Transfer fungible tokens

Pantos enables the transfer of fungible tokens and assets across multiple blockchains, making it possible to store and use your assets on the most suitable blockchain for your needs.

Pantos’ highly-optimised approach makes it extremely easy for token developers to adopt our technology and start offering the flexibility provided by Pantos to their communities.

Transfer NFTs

Since the basis of a non-fungible token (NFT) is similar to a fungible one, multichain NFTs are also a potential future use case for Pantos technology. For example, this would enable the transfer of NFTs to a cheaper or otherwise more suitable blockchain.

While we will only provide the interoperability infrastructure, developers will be able to build sophisticated multi-chain smart contracts on Pantos for their NFTs.

Multichain DeFi

When DeFi applications are not bound to a single chain, a world of new possibilities opens up. From decentralised exchanges offering trading pairs across blockchains, to yield aggregators distributing their funds across multiple blockchains to maximise investor returns.

The possibilities are practically endless and Pantos will act as an enabler for sophisticated web3 applications. Feel free to join our community on Telegram or Discord to discuss your ideas with others.

Future-proof tokenisation

The trade-off between decentralisation, scalability and security is a well-known trilemma in the world of crypto. Currently, driven by the cost of high fees, users are tempted to switch to a less secure or decentralised chain.

With Pantos’ approach to interoperability, this is not a problem anymore. Users have the option to keep their long-term savings on a more secure and decentralised chain, while using a wallet on a cheaper and faster chain for day-to-day transactions, then switching between the two seamlessly.

Supported Chains