The Pantos (PAN) token is the native token of the Pantos network.

It serves as a lighthouse for the research and development of Pantos. After full decentralisation, it will power the network of Service and Validator Nodes. The Pantos token can be traded on Bitpanda, Bitpanda Pro and several other exchanges.

Characteristics of PAN

Currently, Pantos (PAN) exists as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. However, as soon as the Pantos Beta is completed and the Pantos network is launched on the mainnet, PAN will support a variety of blockchain networks. The supply is fixed to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens minted at genesis.

Pay fees using PAN

Any token projects can integrate Pantos technology to utilise the power of multiple blockchains. The fees for transferring tokens from one blockchain to another will be paid in PAN. This makes PAN inherently valuable, as there will be no other way to pay for the fees involved when using the Pantos network.

Token distribution

The total supply of PAN is one billion. In 2018, Pantos completed its ICO, selling and airdropping around 415,000,000 PAN to investors in the Pantos project. 616 BTC was collected. Since then, more than 900,000 PAN has been handed out to the community through trading competitions and giveaways. Since market making for Pantos is mainly performed by Bitpanda using our in-house algorithm, the circulating supply may vary minimally depending on demand and PAN's current price. This means that during periods of high buying or selling pressure, the circulating supply is automatically adjusted to provide constant liquidity for Pantos. Currently, the circulating supply of pantos is around 50% of the total supply.

40% ICO
1% Airdrop
9% Bounty
10% Team
40% Reserve